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Know your Onions and the reason behind the recent price hike!

Know your Onions and the reason behind the recent price hike!

Onions – those veggies that make us cry!

We just tend to hate them when we need to cut them but then again, we cannot live without onions, can we? They add flavor to the most mundane of foods and of course, they come with tons of health benefits.

The three most common onion in Malaysia are Red Onions ,Shallots and Yellow Onions.



Red Onions

  • Bright maroon flesh and dark red, papery skin.
    Assertive and spicy when raw; still strong, but sweeter, when cooked.
  • Good for: Salads, grilling and pickling, sandwiches, burgers, and other raw preparations for their color and relatively mild flavor.

*Take note - We will be expecting price increasing of red onions in Malaysia.  Due to flood situation in India, we are facing supply shortage of red onions in the market. (Malaysia imports 70% of onions from India).

Difference Between China Red Onions and India Red Onions:

  • Prices of Red Onion (China) will be lower compare to Red Onion (India) due to the shelf-life and taste.
  • China Red Onion will be juicier but milder in taste and have shorter shelf-life. It tends to rot faster in Malaysia weather.
  • The most common red onion used by Malaysian is from India, they are better option for cooking as they provide excellent aroma and taste which we, Malaysians love. 



  • Very small and deep dark purple.
  • Milder in flavor than red onions, but more assertive than yellow, with a hint of garlic flavor.
  • Good for: roasted under a whole chicken, pickled them, foundation in things like sauces.

Yellow Onions (Holland Onions)

  • Light yellow flesh and golden, papery skin.
  • Assertive, strong, pungent flavor and aroma when raw, deeply sweet when cooked.
  • Good for: dry-roasting, sautéing, grilling, caramelizing, and braising.



    Onions are easy to find and is present in most homes. We hope that reading these benefits, you are encouraged to add more onions to your diet.
    Hope you to have a healthier lifestyle with E-Pasar!


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