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Unagi FAQ - Merdeka Promo 2020

Unagi FAQ - Merdeka Promo 2020

There are some questions going on regarding our Unagi Product. 

Here's some FAQ : 

Q1:  Is it Raw?

A1: Nope. Its cooked and come with sauce.


Q2 : How big is it? 

A2: ± 200G with about ±20-25cm


Q3: When is the expiry date?

A3: 2 Years from manufacturing date. 


Q4: How to prepare? 

A4: First, remove the fish from the packet. Keep the sauce aside. Heat the fish (Best is Grill with oven or you may heat it up in microwave with sauce) and the sauce can be microwaved. Remove it. (Careful. Its hot!) Slice it according to your taste and pour the sauce onto the fish. You can eat it directly or serve with Rice. If you prefer to have more sauce, can grab our Teriyaki sauce. Trust me. They are super combo!


 This video is based on 30th August 2020.


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