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Our Story


[Grandfather’s old farming business comes into the modern days]


Pasar [巴刹bā shà] – a truly Malaysian word that never being heard outside of the country, unless you are a Malaysian. As Gen Y, we used to hear our grandparents or parents say they want to go to “pasar” to buy veggies and cook for the day when we were little, or even now. In Chinese, we directly translated this Malay word into [巴刹bā shà].


Grandfather used to farm fruits and veggies, plenty of them. Our family is always blessed that we have fresh veggies of the day directly from the farm to our grandmother’s wok, and the sweet sweet fruits for our appetizers or desserts. We too, sometimes steal the eggs from our hens in the coop. Born in 1990’s, we are grateful that we do not have smart phones, tablets, etc, but much more things that we got to enjoy!


As the third-generation farmers, we decided to bring the farm to the modern days – go ONLINE!


e-PASAR – the best E-commerce platform to provide our freshly planted veggies, and other groceries that you need (e.g. chicken, duck, pork, beef, lamb, etc).

Just a few simple clicks and the fresh groceries will be sent to your doorsteps without you getting out of the house!

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