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100% Pure Wild Aged Honey 纯野生陈年蜂蜜

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100% Pure Wild Aged Honey 纯野生陈年蜂蜜

Size : 125ML

  • 100% natural, raw and unblended.
  • Contains all the natural goodness and nutrients to promote energy and general well-being.
  • Free from chemical residues as the bees are not fed with any antibiotic.
  • The honey is packed under strict quality standards and is sealed for your protection.
  • 100%纯天然,无任何添加物。
  • 包含所有自然美和营养素,可促进能量和全面健康。
  • 野生蜜蜂采摘的蜂蜜不含化学残留物。
  • 蜂蜜按照严格的质量标准包装,并已密封

100% Pure Honey, No sugar added.


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