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Size : 900G-1KG / pc

With a brown crab at hand, you just need some lemon, mayonnaise and a piece of white bread for a feast of deliciousness – add a sunset and a glass of white wine and you have a sure-fire recipe for a delightful evening. Those willing to put in more effort will also be well rewarded for putting together salads and pasta dishes around the brown crab.

There’s excellent meat both in its claws and inside its shell. Although you can also pre-rinse crab shells, picking its meat out of its shells has its own charm – and the flavour is definitely worth the effort!

Like most seafood, the brown crab contains many of the essential nutrients our body needs. It’s particularly rich in protein and vitamin B12, in addition to selenium, an important antioxidant. All in all, the brown crab excels in both flavours and health benefits.

Brown crab is rich in-

  • Protein
  • Vitamin B12
  • Selenium



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