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FARM FRESH UHT Yarra Full Cream Milk

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FARM FRESH UHT Yarra Full Cream Milk

Size :  1L

Made with 100% Imported Australian Cow’s Milk. Texture & Flavour: Rich, Sweet, Slightly Creamy. Farm Fresh Yarra UHT Full Cream Milk comes from 100% Imported Australian Fresh Milk that provides superior frothing and will complement every cup of coffee to perfection. Get Creative: Drink on its own. Pour in cereal. Pour your friend a glass.

Nutritional Facts (per 100ml):
Energy – 54kcal
Carbohydrates – 4.3g
Total Fat – 3.8g
Protein – 3.4g
Calcium – 114mg

100% Imported Australian Cow’s Milk

365 Days




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