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Garlic Granules 大蒜粒

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Garlic Granules 大蒜粒

Size: 40G

Benefits :

  • 大蒜含有具有强效药用特性的化合物 / Garlic Contains Compounds With Potent Medicinal Properties
  • 大蒜营养丰富,但热量很少 / Garlic Is Highly Nutritious But Has Very Few Calories
  • 大蒜可以对抗疾病,包括普通感冒 / Garlic Can Combat Sickness, Including the Common Cold
  • 大蒜中的活性成分可以降低血压 / The Active Compounds in Garlic Can Reduce Blood Pressure


How To Use :

  • 用水将大蒜颗粒再水化 / rehydrate the garlic granules with water
  • 在烹饪时放入咖喱或汤中 / drop into a curry or soup while it’s cooking


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