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Natural Origin Rose Hydrosol 天然玫瑰纯露 (100ml)

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Natural Origin Rose Hydrosol 天然玫瑰纯露 (100ml)

  • Rose Hydrosol has been used for therapeutic beauty treatment since ancient tmes. Its natural aroma is renowned fot its relaxing, calming, uplifting effects.
  • Rose Hydrosol is a natural moisturizer and has a calming effect after periods of exposure to the sun.
  • Stimulates regeneration process of skin.
  • Protects the skin against environmental pollution. 
  • Reduces puffiness under the eyes.
  • Beneficial for dry, sensitive, damaged, irritated or mature skin. Direction for use: Mist on face, neck and hair as needed.


  • 自遠古以來,玫瑰純露就已用於美容治療。它的天然香氣因其放鬆,鎮定,提神的功效而聞名。
  • 玫瑰純露是一種天然的保濕劑,暴露在陽光中一段時間後具有鎮靜作用。
  • 刺激皮膚再生過程。
  • 保護皮膚。
  • 減少眼袋浮腫。
  • 有益於乾燥,敏感,受損,發炎或成熟的皮膚。 使用說明:只需要在臉部,頸部和頭髮上噴霧。

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