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Natural Origin Baby Lotion 天然婴儿乳液 (500ml)

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Natural Origin Baby Lotion 天然婴儿乳液 (500ml)

  • Non-gresasy formula that nourishes baby's skin and has a soothing effect. Nourishes and protects baby's tender skin from harsh environment. Keep your baby's skin soft, healthy, and moisturized. Enriched with coconut oil and lavender oil for a soothing and calming effect on your baby.
  • NO synthetic petrochemicals such as mineral oil, petroleum jelly, propylene glycal, silicone compounds
  • NO Artificial coloring such as synthetic dyes
  • NO Artificial Preservatives such as Parabens, EDTA
  • NO Synthetic Fragrances that cause allergy and sensitization


  • 非油腻配方,可滋养婴儿的皮肤并具有舒缓作用。 滋养并保护婴儿的嫩皮免受恶劣环境的影响。保持宝宝的皮肤柔软,健康和湿润。 富含椰子油和薰衣草油,对宝宝具有舒缓和镇静作用。
  • 禁止使用合成石油化工产品,例如矿物油,凡士林,丙二醇,有机硅化合物
  • 否人工色素,例如合成染料 *
  • 没有人工防腐剂,例如对羟基苯甲酸酯,EDTA
  • 没有引起过敏和过敏的合成香料

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