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Natural Origin Eye Gel 天然眼霜 (30g)

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Natural Origin Eye Gel 天然眼霜 (30g)

  • Reducing black rings, bags under the eyes and general eye puffiness
  • Brightens dull and tired looking eyes
  • Will not irritate or sting the eyes
  • Refreshing, pleasant, non-greasy, no-oily gel formulation
  • 减少黑眼圈,眼袋及一般的眼部浮肿
  • 让疲劳及暗淡的眼睛变得更亮丽
  • 不会刺激或刺痛的眼睛
  • 清爽,不油腻,无油的凝胶配方

          No toxic petrochemicals

          • constant overexposure to petrochemicals can contribute to health problems like skin irritation, eczema and allergies
          • non-biodegradable, non-sustainable and non-renewable
          • examples: petroleum jelly, mineral oil, paraffin oil, silicones, synthetic waxes


          No synthetic fragrances and coloring

          • cause allergic reaction and sensitization
          • non-biodegrade
          • are toxic to fish and mammals


          No SLS, Betaines, CDE, Propylene Glycol

          • penetration of SLS can include systemic tissues such as the brain, heart, spleen and liver
          • SLS in your products could be increasing the rate of skin absorption of other chemicals used, like detergents, preservatives, fragrances and color additives


          No artificial preservatives

          • paraben and paraben derivatives free
          • preservatives cause allergy and health related problems

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