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Natural Origin Hair Tonic 天然头发滋养露 (125ml)

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Natural Origin Hair Tonic 天然头发滋养露 (125ml)

Ingredients: Polygala Extract, Chamomile, Arnica Montana, Sage, Calendula, Rosemary Oil

  • Developed from a variety of plant actives and essential oil that regenerate hair
  • Stimulates healthier hair formation
  • Improve hair luster
  • Nourishes hair from root to tip
    • 促进健康头发构成
    • 改善头发光泽
    • 滋养头发从发根到发尾
    • 含有各种能促进头发再生的植物活性成分和精油


              No toxic petrochemicals

              • constant overexposure to petrochemicals can contribute to health problems like skin irritation, eczema and allergies
              • non-biodegradable, non-sustainable and non-renewable
              • examples: petroleum jelly, mineral oil, paraffin oil, silicones, synthetic waxes


              No synthetic fragrances and coloring

              • cause allergic reaction and sensitization
              • non-biodegrade
              • are toxic to fish and mammals


              No SLS, Betaines, CDE, Propylene Glycol

              • penetration of SLS can include systemic tissues such as the brain, heart, spleen and liver
              • SLS in your products could be increasing the rate of skin absorption of other chemicals used, like detergents, preservatives, fragrances and color additives


              No artificial preservatives

              • paraben and paraben derivatives free
              • preservatives cause allergy and health related problems

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