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Natural Origin Kaffir Lime Oil 柠檬青柠油 (10ml)

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Natural Origin Kaffir Lime Oil 柠檬青柠油 (10ml)

  • Reduces Stress Kaffir is incredibly soothing and can help reduce the effects of stress and anxiety issues.
  • Repels Insects Great for repelling insects.
  • The scent is nice but most insects and bugs detest it.
  • Relieves Respiratory Used in aromatherapy to help with respiratory issues, such as bronchitis, viral infections like colds, coughs, and the flu, as well as being used to help relieve congestion.


  • 减轻压力卡菲尔令人难以置信的舒缓效果,可以帮助减轻压力和焦虑症的影响。
  • 驱除昆虫非常适合驱除昆虫。
  • 气味不错,但大多数昆虫和小虫都讨厌它。
  • 缓解呼吸作用用于芳香疗法,以帮助解决呼吸道疾病,例如支气管炎,感冒,咳嗽和流感等病毒感染,并用于缓解充血。

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