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Natural Origin Toilet and Bathroom Cleaner 天然植物盥洗室与浴室洗洁剂 (1L)

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Natural Origin Toilet and Bathroom Cleaner 天然植物盥洗室与浴室洗洁剂 (1L)
  • Effective in removing dirt, soap scum and body oil deposit from a variety of surfaces including ceramic tile, porcelain, fiberglass and stainless steel
  • Eliminate undesirable odors. Pleasant natural aroma
  • No artificial preservative, coloring and fragrance
  • Anti-bacteria & Biodegradable


  • 有效去除各种不同的表面,包括瓷砖,陶瓷,玻璃和不锈钢的污垢,肥皂泡沫和身体油藏
  • 消除不良气味和带有自然宜人的香气


No toxic petrochemicals

  • constant overexposure to petrochemicals can contribute to health problems like skin irritation, eczema and allergies
  • non-biodegradable, non-sustainable and non-renewable

No optical whiteners

  • can cause an allergic reaction with skin when exposed to sunlight
  • toxic to aquatic life

No phosphates

  • commonly found in dishwasher and laundry detergents
  • produces chemicals in the waterways that are toxic to animals and people who drink the water

No synthetic perfumes or dyes

  • cause allergic reaction and sensitization
  • non-biodegrade
  • are toxic to fish and mammals

No chlorine

  • irritation to the skin, eyes and respiratory passages

No ammonia

  • irritation to the skin, eyes and respiratory passages


  • penetration of SLS can include systemic tissues such as the brain, heart, spleen and liver
  • SLS in your products could be increasing the rate of skin absorption of other chemicals used, like detergents, preservatives, fragrances and colour additives

No parabens

  • parabens are chemical preservatives
  • parabens have been found to have the ability to mimic female hormones in your body when applied to the skin

No formaldehyde

  • used as a preservative in general purpose cleaning products
  • a suspected carcinogen
  • an irritant to eyes, throat, skin and lungs

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