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PLS Braised Meat (Hong Bak)

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PLS Braised Meat (Hong Bak)

Nett weight: 120g
5-6 serv.

Braised Meat is a traditional Nyonya dish originating from Penang and is a must-have among Nyonya restaurants in Penang. The meat is braised over low heat until it becomes soft and fragrant with various spices, hence the name “Hong Bak” (in Hokkien dialect) which means “Fragrant meat”.

This Nyonya dish is non-spicy, aromatic and peppery and is suitable for children and the elderly to enjoy.

No preservatives, 

No MSG, 

No food colouring and flavouring. 

Guaranteed healthy food. 


Shallot, garlic, soy bean paste, coriander, cekur (sand ginger), cooking oil, salt, sugar, pepper, dark soy sauce, citric acid.

Storage: Keep refrigerated after opening.

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