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PLS Nyonya Fish Curry Paste

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PLS Nyonya Fish Curry Paste

The Nyonya fish curry is a dish that consists of sardines or any fish fillet semi-stewed with assorted vegetables, such as okra or onions. The tamarind in this gravy-based fish curry gives it a lovely tangy flavor that goes really well with plain boiled rice whereas the coconut milk used in this dish easily turns it into one enjoyable savory meal.


No preservatives,


No food colouring and flavouring.

A guaranteed healthy food.


Onion, garlic, chilli powder, lemongrass, turmeric, Vietnamese coriander, curry leaf, shrimp paste, fennel, coriander, tamarind paste, mustard seed, coconut milk, vegetable oil, sugar, salt, citric acid.


Servings: 5-6 serv.

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