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Rock Sugar 冰糖

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Rock Sugar 冰糖

Size: 150G

Benefits :

  • Relieves Cough. Cough can occur when your throat is attacked by germs or when you have a fever. Mishri contains medicinal properties that can relieve you from cough instantly. Take mishri and slowly suck it in your mouth, this will bring relief to your persistent cough
  • 缓解咳嗽. 当您的喉咙受到细菌侵袭或发烧时,就会发生咳嗽。 Mishri 含有可以立即缓解咳嗽的药用特性。把米什利慢慢吸进嘴里,这会缓解你的持续咳嗽
  • Good For Sore Throat. Cold weather can cause several health problems, including sore throat as well. Rock sugar is a quick-fix for curing sore throat. Just mix mishri with black pepper powder and ghee and consume it at night.
  • 对疼痛有好处 .喉咙 寒冷的天气会导致多种健康问题,包括喉咙痛。冰糖是治疗喉咙痛的速效剂。只需将mishri与黑胡椒粉和酥油混合,然后在晚上食用。

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