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Frozen Squid Flower 苏东花

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Frozen Squid Flower 苏东花

Size : 250G / 1KG

Have you ever wondered how squid flower is made? One word - art. It is made by scoring the squid with a crisscross pattern before cutting it into triangular pieces. When placed in boiling water, the triangular pieces coil up just like beautiful white flowers.

The best way to cook this is stir fry with vegetables with your favorite sauce. Funny enough, this goes well with almost anything. Even hot-pot! Its soft and tender texture would make anyone happy. 

For the nutrition geeks, squid is rich in vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin B-12, potassium, iron, phosphorus and copper. These essential nutrients aid in the performance and health of blood cells, bones and the immune system. Squid is also rich in protein, cancer preventative and fights anemia, a deadly disease that is caused by the lack of blood cells. 

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